Industrial and Polymeric Products
Customization of Industrial products which demands good dynamic properties like high load bearing , elastic modulus , mach inability, wear and tear resistance are Elastochem’s Forte.
Components like Dampers, Rollers, Rods, Sheets, Bushes, Trolley wheels, Buffer Blocks ,Flexible Couplings Torque bearing bushes, Mounting blocks are being supplied to various industries as per their requirements and satisfaction.
Belt Scrappers
Belt scrappers in Conveying systems assumes paramount importance especially when the handled material is wet and sticky.Elastochem supplies different belt scrappers like internal scrapper,external pre scrapper and main scrapper to address these issues.
Side Skirts
Side skirts prevent spillage at conveyor loading stations.Elastochem manufactures side skirt sealings and rear skirt sealings with high quality rubber

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