PU Screen Panels
Flip Flow /Flexible Screen Mats
Elastochem’s Flip Flow Screen mats are available to suit all types of fixing arrangements, all types of sizes and aperture openings
The regular applications are Coal, Coke, ore and flux
The salient features of Elastochem mats are uniform thickness, long life, easy fitment on even retrofitting.
Modular Panels 
Modular Panels are designed with wide range of fixing options to suit existing deck arrangements as well as new ones; they are also available in wide range of hardness and openings for different applications.
Non Modular /Customized Screen Panels
Developed to suit customized requirements or large deck width. Elastochem ensures that they excellent load bearing capacity and wear resistance. The non modular screen panel comes with varied fixing arrangements based on the site and application requirement.
Tensioned Panels
Developed to replace woven wire screens, Elastochem tensioned screens come with optimum weight and there are special types of reinforcements designed to suit the deck capacities and loads handled.
Dewatering and Fine Aperture Screen Panels
Elastochem’s dewatering panels are with low blind area, nonclogging and highly wear resistant properties to ensure efficiency of fines separation or dewatering.
Trommel Screens
Trommel screens are designed to handle high sliding wear conditions with accuracy on circularity.The trammel screen panels are designed in segments and are interchangeable in nature and they come with options of reversible directions.
Jig Screen Panel
Jig screens demand handling bidirectional load and increased open area per screen area.
With Constant interaction and knowledge sharing with reputed Jig Manufacturers, Elastochem
Is a preferred supplier to Original equipment suppliers in this product range.

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